Organic certification to Coffee growers at G.K.Veedhi & Chintapalli Mandals in Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Girijana Vikas is working on Natural farming from the initiation of this institution through conducting regular meetings in the villages vis-a vis asking the tribal communities to stop shifting cultivation and the nature would protect them as well in tern it helps to the nature & mankind.  As  the case is as above, when we promoted Maathota program (development of orchards with Mango & Litchi plants) formed 7 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO’s) from the day one onwards planning for its marketing, value addition, premium through organic certification by developing rapport with Tycoons’ & renowned companies.  As we opined we educated these tribal communities to go ahead on the same lines. These tribal farmers understood the advantage of natural farming & organic certification. Also getting profits and sharing ‘Dividends’ it bang the minds of the authorities in the district.  Mostly, it was very much attracted the Girijan Cooperative Corporation (GCC) – Visakhapatnam a subsidiary unit of Gov’t of Andhra Pradesh. After their careful observation understood that, this is all because of Girijana Vikas and its expertise at Organic certification.  

Later, the GCC authorities had several meetings to arrange organic certification to Coffee growers (Tribal farmers) in G.K.Veedhi & Chintapalli Mandals in the district and approached us to handover the responsibility to arrange the organic certificate as said above on their behalf by undergoing MoU with us.  As agreed upon with the GCC authorities, we had begun our job by collecting data from those 2600 tribal farmers (1300 farmers at each Mandal). By the end of 31st March 2022, we arranged 6 Internal Controlling Systems (ICS) to Chintapalli Mandal farmers and 3 to G.K.Veedhi Mandal.  However, the process would take around 4 year and it is nearing completion.  After that, they would receive Organic certification to both the Mandal farmers.

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