Organic Farming

  • Cultivating fields without application of chemical fertilizers & pesticides and apply only vermin compost, Jeevaammrutham, Beejaammnrutham, Bio-fertilizers, Neem oil & Neem cake etc.

  • As of now we are hearing frequently everywhere in the society that, the term ‘Organic’ at eatable items. For more productivity applying chemical fertilizers at cultivation intern it is leading to various ailments to mankind and global warming. Thus, the organic farming came to surface and it became very familiar & must in life.

  • When the people on the earth understood that, organic food items only gives good health & hygiene to humane, most of the people preferring to buy those items and fruits. Moreover, it has more value & demand.

Organic Certification

  • This is a certificate to such & such produce issued by the 3rd party after its inspection as approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India that, the produce was produced in an organic mode.

  • When a farmer / FPO have an ‘Organic certificate’ they are going to have a good market, more value and demand.

  • Besides this, the farmer / FPO can demand the Tycoon’ for premium (profit earned by the buyer has to repay some % of amount to the farmer / FPO).

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