Millets project – Dept of Science & Technology, Gov’t of India.

  • From the ancient times the tribal communities in the agency area are used to produce and eat Millets as their daily bread till a decade ago. Due to so called civilization, one rupee a Kilo subsidy Rice & involves more human drudgery at ready to cook made these people to reduce at production and by & large stop to eat.

  • Due to global warning & alarming situation at health now the entire nation / globe looking at Millets and become fond of it.

  • Till recent time’s people taking Millets are seen by the society as they are poor and lack of food grains eating that. Now the entire scenario was changed and all prefer to eat in view of health & hygiene.

  • So that, we rejuvenated the idea in the minds of these tribal communities to produce, extend the area at cultivation, consume and remaining to sell.

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