Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs)

  • Simply speaking ‘farmers, it does not mean that farming people (any primary producer can be called as farmer) coming together and become a union to get legitimate price for their produce to strengthen by themselves can be called as FPOs.

  • When they become a FPO (union) their bargaining capacity would automatically improve, aggregate their produce as well as link up with Tycoons' and sale their produce profitable.

  • These farmers can escape from Intermediaries and deceit.

  • It would be a gate way to get possible subsidies from the State & Central Governments’ and loaning from financial institutions.

  • For any item in general the maker of the article may decide its rate whereas, the farmer is not able to fix the cost of his produce. It is really unfortunate….. we are listening the same from our childhood & fore-fathers.

  •  Various institutions like ours were used to discuss the same concept since 2011 with a difference in the villages; when NABARD-APRO has allocated funds to NGO’s under TDF to develop Mango, Litchi, Chico (Sapota), Guava etc orchards the concept came to limelight with a full frame work during 2015.

  • As per the law on the land these FPO’s can be registered under many acts. But, registering under         Companies Act 2013 would be good to get more benefits in various respects, the authorities too asking the same while submitting docs to any. 

  • By this time, we promoted 7 FPO’s and registered under Companies Act – 2013, namely
    1. Maathota Tribal Farming & Marketing Producer Company Limited,
    2. Andhra Kashmir Tribal Farming & Marketing Producer Company Limited,
    3. Panthulubabu Vegetable Producer Company Limited,
    4. Manyatorana Farmer Producer Company Limited,
    5. Gantannadora Farmer Producer Company Limited,
    6. Avanimitra Farmer Producer Company Limited
    7. Toorpukanumula Tribal Farming & Marketing Producer Company Limited and many of the FPO's have been registered under GST too.

  • We are calling all these FPO’s with its first name and the particulars are as follows:


    Name of the FPO

    Registration No.

    PAN No.

    GST No.

    Share holders

    Share capital


    Maathota Tribal Farming & Marketing Producer Company Limited

    U 01100 AP 2017 PTC 105558 dated 31.03.2016

    AAKCM 9913 H





    Andhra Kashmir Tribal Farming & Marketing Producer Company Limited.

    U74999AP2017PTC105656, dated 13.04.2017

    AAPCA 8115 J





    Panthulubabu Vegetable Producer Company Limited.

    U01100 AP 201 PTC 106310 dated 18.07.2017

    AAJCP 8895 J





    Manyatorana Farmer Producer Company Limited.

    U 01409 AP 2019 PTC 112792 dated.02.09.2019

    AAMCM 9157 D





    Avanimitra Farmer Producer Company Limited.

    U 01100 AP 2019 PTC 112873 dated.12.09.2019

    AASCA 7193 H





    Gantannadora Tribal Farmer Producer Company Limited

    U 01409 AP 2020 PTC 114301 dated.02.03.2020

    AAICG 2563 P

    37 AAI CG 256 3P 1ZO




    Toorpukanumula Tribal Farming & Marketing Producer Company Limited.

    U 01400 AP 2019 PTC 111853 dated.07.05.2019

    AAHCT 3133 D

    37 AA HCT 3133 D 1ZL



  • Since, we know the value and importance of ‘organic certificate to the produce produced by these tribal communities under the FPO’s. In cooperation with NABARD & Dept of Horticulture, Gov’t of Andhra Pradesh we went for organic certification to Maathota & Andhra Kashmir FPO’s. Maathota has already completed 3 years and received the certificate and Andhra Kashmir is in pipeline.

  • All these FPO’s have entered into Market and doing wonderful business and received an Award & cash prize from the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh as come first in an organic produce outlet laid at Amaravathi on an occasion.

  • Gradually Maathota & Manyatorana FPO’s have improved its business and reached to rupees one crore. Rest of the FPO’s are also doing well.

  • Many of our FPO’s have undergone MoU’s with TATA Coffee – Bangalore, PDS-Kerala and M/S Subbu Beverages etc., Companies and transporting Tons & Tons  of Coffee  and Turmeric by the by earning good profits.

  • Since, the Commissioner of Horticulture, Gov’t of Andhra Pradesh has personally visited some of the fields and interacted with these Board of Directors, felt happy and sanctioned 3 Custom hiring centers, 2 warehouses, Cold storage, 3 Transport vehicles (2 Vehicles have already purchased and kept in use), Admin cost for Andhra Kashmir FPO, organic certification charges for Maathota & Andhra Kashmir FPO’s.  Also released subsidy for Paddy Seeds for cultivation as well released large amounts for Mango & pine apple orchards raised by these tribal communities. 

  • Also sanctioned Steam Boilers & Turmeric Processing Machines to these tribes /FPO’s to reduce the human drudgery.  Prior to coming to these machines to this area, these tribal communities are used work on days together. In all respects the contribution from Dept of Horticulture is un-forgettable.

  •  PO – ITDA, Paderu has extended his notable support to these FPO’s in cooperation with CCMB-Gov’t of India and Dept of Horticulture viz., Apple plants (newly introduced to this area) particularly PVTG’s. Also supplied Tarpaulin sheets to dry the Coffee nuts pluck from the fields at their house premises as well Sprayers on subsidy.

  • Directly or indirectly Zero Budget Natural Farming  (ZBNF) supported by Rythu Sadhikara Samstha (RySS), Dept of Agl, Gov’t of A.P is also played role in this FPO’s program to explore its advantage and ask these tribal communities to adopt Natural Farming / Organic farming.

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