• MaaThota

    MaaThota under Tribal Development Fund (TDF) supported by NABARD-APRO Hyderabad
    We opined to create sustainability at 500 families through Maathota program for their livelihoods. Certainly, it creates a hope among these communities. Moreover, green cover will also develop and it leads to ecological balance. Thus, we began concentrating on Maathota activity......

  • MEDPs

    Micro Entrepreneurship Development Programs
    This program is meant for the development of women in rural areas to stand on their foot by pulling out the existing skills among them. In general women will be having various skills; required support is needed to expose it. As a voluntary organization while conducting meetings .......

  • Honey Collection & Marketing

    By Tribal communities under Other livelihood Interventions
    Many tribal people were collecting honey in these areas on their known ways, which was not scientifically correct. Thus, asked the NABARD to support them for Apiary program @ 5 hives....

  • Seasonal Hostels

    An international NGO by name Aide et Action (AEA), brought the concept of the above from their Hyderabad office to initiate schooling at worksites as well as hostels for the children of migrant parents.........

  • Eco-alliance

    We have planned to develop native (local) species and promote NTFP through conducting trainings to farmers on available natural resources to provide livelihoods..........

  • Solar Products

    Since we are working in tribal area for about several years, we understood the pains of the community, moreover they need to go for fields at night and sometimes they need to safeguard the crops.......

  • Support Us

    You might have understood our zeal towards community from the above. You were most welcome to visit our institution at any time and extend your voluntary services. Your donations will be accepted as per your will and wish to any of the programs stated in our site or else, you feel necessary to introduce in our area which benefits the people...


1099 individuals got their title deeds for 7010 acres of land in the Reserve forest.

We supported 7,521 tribes to submit their claim forms to get their title deeds from the revenue authorities.

Formed 20 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and trained them to act on their own for their issues in the village.

We created awareness over forest rights to the whole community.

We supported the revenue authorities to form 13 Forest Rights committees at Panchayath level.

In cooperation with the Dhimsa network, we filed a case in the High court on Bauxite issue.

We created awareness to more than 10000 people on Bauxite issue.

We succeeded at joining of 430 Drop out & never enrolled children in Government schools, after teaching in our Residential Bridge Course Center. Mr.Naresh a surrendered Maoist is one among them.

We established 2 schools for PTG children and those schools are being run by Government authorities.

We succeeded at literate 400 adults by running night schools in remote villages.

We succeeded at extending Mobile health services continuously for about 3 years.

Introduced SRI Paddy at 4 villages and distributed seeds to those farmers.

Formed 11 Farmers Clubs & 50 Joint Liability Groups (JLGs).

Gave training to 150 farmers on organic forming.

Food Advisory committees formed at 5 villages.

We supported to get 3500 Anthyodaya Ration Cards by the PTGs.

We succeeded at forming a few Anganwadi & Alternative schools by Government authorities.

260 tribal women were trained at Addaleaf plates & value added products stitching.

We provide to Awareness on importance of Addaleaf to 1500 members of remote villages through organized mobile awareness campaign

we organized inter face meeting with line departments and concerned state minister Sri Pasupulate Balaraju to raise Addaleaf plantation by Forest department in forest and VSSs

With our intervention, Kothapally villagers were able to construct a check-dam.

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